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Mobile Veterinary Physiotherapist in
Lancashire, Skelmersdale


I'm Kate, a mobile Vet Physio in Lancashire, Skelmersdale operating throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

As a Veterinary Physiotherapist, I assess, treat and prescribe remedial exercise programs to treat a range of conditions in animals. I mostly provide Dog Physiotherapy and Horse Physiotherapy, but, I am qualified in Animal Physiotherapy in general and so can work with most animals from cats and rabbits to farm animals and more.

I'm a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist with a Post Graduate Diploma from Harper Adams, which followed on from my BSc (Hons) Equine Science and Management (Behaviour and Welfare). I'm also registered with the NAVP - National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists.

Kate Starkie

Veterinary Physiotherapy Services We Offer:

At Starkie Vet Physio we offer a large range of science-based Veterinary Physiotherapy treatments. An initial assessment will always be conducted to establish any areas of concern or discomfort. This includes a visual assessment and physical palpation, including checking range of motion of joints and the condition of muscle tissues.

  • Physical Assessment - It is vitally important that a physical assessment is conducted before any therapy can be provided, as the condition which has prompted the appointment can often be multifaceted and complex, affecting multiple areas of the body. The Vet Physio should see how the animal stands at liberty, how they prefer to distribute their weight, do they look comfortable? The animal will then be asked to stand equally on all limbs to assess if they are capable of doing this and what their conformation looks like (their bodily structure). Finally, the animal will be assessed in walk and trot, from the front, back and side to identify any lameness or balance issues. The animal may be moved on a circle or asked to go backwards, and if necessary neurological tests may be conducted to rule out any nerve problems. Completing this assessment will provide an overall picture of where the animal is now, and where we want to aim for with our rehabilitation.
  • Massage Therapy - Massage therapy is very useful in creating a bond between animal and Therapist. Not only do we get the chance to feel the animal all over, we often take the opportunity while the animal is relaxed to check range of motion of joints and to feel for any painful or uncomfortable areas. A range of techniques can be used, depending on the types of tissue being worked on and the location on the body. Most animals find this a very relaxing part of therapy and enjoy it. Massage therapy increases circulation through tissues and works through any areas of fasciculation (spasm), tightness or tenderness to reduce pain and discomfort. Often when an animal is lame or not moving correctly, they will experience associated muscular pain in other areas of the body such as the chest and back muscles. Sometimes, just like humans, animals can appear stiff the day after massage if a lot of work has been done. This is can be a normal side effect of treating muscles that have been tight for a while.
  • Therapeutic LASER treatment - At Starkie Vet Physio we have our own Class IV infra-red LASER (otherwise known as a cold LASER) to enhance the treatments we provide. In essence, LASER transmits infra-red light through the tissues to stimulate the cells. This encourages the cell to release chemicals that can provide pain relief, vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) and regeneration of tissue. This means that LASER is effective for conditions such as; surgical wounds, arthritis, muscle strains, oedema and swelling. It is noninvasive and fast-acting and is tolerated well by animals.
  • Remedial Exercise Prescription - Exercises between appointments are vitally important get the most out of the sessions. With dog appointments, we will go through a range of appropriate and targeted exercises to begin to strengthen and improve their condition, with ‘homework’ to do in between to keep up the good work. With horses, we can demonstrate exercises for the owner to incorporate into their training plan, including those which can be done in the stable for conditions that require moderated exercise. Many of these exercises target core muscles, to promote balance and strength - an important part of any exercise program. These programs are also useful for very active animals such as agility or working dogs, or competition horses. Specific exercises can be prescribed to target any areas of weakness and to ensure you are on the right track to reach your goals. Many patients really like LASER therapy and fall asleep during or after treatment, as the effects can last up to 24 hours! If required, we provide intensive treatment courses to 'kick start' the pain relief process for conditions such as arthritis, to ensure that we can induce the positive effects as quickly as possible. The severity of the arthritis will dictate how intense the initial phase of treatment will be.


Kate has been treating my 13 year old Dalmatian Lottie who has a few back problems and has been losing a bit of muscle tone in the last year or so due to her age. Kate is super patient and gentle with the old girl and is treating her with laser and giving us gentle exercises to do at home to build up muscle. We look forward to Kate’s visits and would highly recommend her services to anyone.

My Labrador Sam has benefited hugely from physio. Kate is very knowledgeable and recognises behaviour displayed by Sam. She is so relaxed with Sam and he loves his physio sessions. Kates physio sessions with Sam are varied from massages, to stretches, to laser and always full of encouragement.

Kate came to do a physio session for my Miniature Poodle at our home. Flossy is quite nervous of new people, but Kate was so kind, giving her gentle encouragement when asking Flossy to perform the exercises and treats for praise. By the end of the session Flossy was comfortable and enjoyed her session with Kate. Would highly recommend Kate's services. Thank you xx

Contact us - 07939871169